Orthomega Pearls, 120 Soft Gel Capsules

Orthomega Pearls, 120 Soft Gel Capsules
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SUGGESTED USE: 1-4 soft gel capsules per day, in divided doses. Capsules may be chewed or swallowed. Chewed capsule can be swallowed or expelled.

A Natural Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement for Children.

It can often be challenging for children to obtain an appropriate amount of omega-3 fatty acids from their diet alone. Our Natural fish oil supplement for children, Orthomega Pearls, provides a fun and tasty way for children to receive their omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are important components of membranes within organs and tissues. They are crucial for brain and vision development in children. Increasing evidence also suggests that omega-3 fatty acids play a role in childhood developmental and psychiatric disorders. Omega-3 fatty acids also take part in supporting optimal immune health.

Omega-3's for Kids in a Delicious Orange-Berry Flavor!

Orthomega Pearls provide omega-3 fatty acids for children. Studies confirm the value of omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA for healthy brain development, joints, eyes and other benefits in children. Children who are fed a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA outperform on tests that measure mental development capability and vision. Research has concluded that children with proper intake of omega-3 fatty acids, had higher intelligence as adults. Omega-3 fatty acids fish oils can provide the advantages of a focus enhancer (without the unwanted and dangerous side effects) in children with ADHD.

Maternal Supplementation of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Fish Oils.

Several reports suggest that maternal supplementation of fish oils or DHA alone during the third trimester and while breast-feeding can improve cognitive development in newborns, and improve sleep patterns. School aged children have also been shown to have increased mood and concentration when supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Fish Oils, Why Everyone Needs Them.

Omega-3 fatty acid fish oils are well known for reducing inflammation in the body, this intern can slow down and reverse the signs of aging. Fish oils are considered key components in any anti-aging regimen. Omega-3 fatty acid fish oils have been praised for their positive effects on the brain, joints, digestive system, balancing the immune system and promoting a healthy heart. According to a study published in the Journal of Lipid Research, fish oils improve skin's appearance, complexion and have been found to prevent wrinkles and delay skin degeneration.

In addition, omega-3 fatty acid fish oils contribute to the health of eyes and may improve overall vision. Research recorded in the Archives of Ophthalmology has shown that omega-3 fatty acid fish oils have a profound effect on reducing AMD (age-related macular degeneration) the primary cause of age related vision loss. The researchers concluded that people whose diets contain rich quantities of omega-3 fatty acids, are less likely to develop age-related macular problems.

While the value of Omega-3 fish oil supplementation is widely known, their quality and potency can vary significantly.

Freshness You Can Trust
The fish oil in Orthomega is processed to prevent oxidation, eliminating the burping experienced with other fish oils that require artificial flavorings to mask their taste. Oxidation and rancidity from extended warehouse storage is a problem many manufacturers of low-end generic fish oils face. However we maintain short inventory cycles to ensure your family the optimal freshness and utmost quality of our Orthomega fish oil supplement.

Purity of Our Fish Oil Supplement
Our Orthomega fish oil supplement is one of only a handful of fish oil supplements that comply with the strict CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition) Monograph for purity. The entire line of Our Orthomega fish oils is tested for pesticides, heavy metals and contaminants. Only the purest, highest potency USP verified fish oil ingredients are used to make Orthomega fish oil supplements.

The Most Highly Concentrated Fish Oil Available in a Triglyceride Form
Studies comparing fish oil absorption show that re-esterified triglyceride EPA and DHA fish oils, the forms used in Orthomega, have the highest absorption of all available fish oil forms. Not only does Our fish oil supplement use the triglyceride form, but it also provides the highest concentration of EPA and DHA obtainable in a single convenient dose.

Potency of Our Fish Oil Supplement
Our Orthomega fish oil capsules are among the most potent available. Most other products require patients to take up to four times as much to equal a single dose of Orthomega fish oil. The difference is clear: Our Orthomega fish oils are the best-formulated, professional quality fish oil supplements available.

Omega-3 Fish Oils Provide Support for the Following:

•Cardiovascular Health, Heart Health
•Metabolic Syndrome
•Cognitive Function, Brain Health, Brain Development
•Ocular Health, Eye Health, Improved Vision
•Maternal and Infant Care
•Support for Hypertension
•Joint Health, Bone Health, Skeletal Support
•Mood Support, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Stress
•Proper Digestion
•ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

The Many Benefits of Our Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements Include:

•Omega-3 fatty acids support healthy heart, skin, joints, eyes and immune system.
•Omega-3 fatty acids have also been shown to support development in children.
•Studies have shown Omega-3 fatty acids have helped to increase mood andconcentration in children.
•Derivatives of the essential fatty acid linolenic acid, EPA and DHA are omega-3 fatty acids found abundantly in fish oil.
•Burp-Free. Many complain of burping after taking other fish oils. OrthΩmega is burp-free for nearly everyone.
•Our OrthΩmega meets the strictest international trade criteria for trace heavy metal and pesticide concentrations.
•OrthΩmega utilizes USP-verified ingredients.

Persons with allergies to fish should use caution. High doses may cause gastrointestinal disturbances. If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your physician.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease. Consult a physician before taking. Should you experience any serious physical side effects from taking these nutritional supplements, discontinue and call your doctor immediately.

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